Concern Universal visits NGONG Project

The NGONG –Training the Bambui Farmers of Tomorrow Project received officials from Concern Universal (now United Purpose) and MBOSCUDA (Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association) on the 25th of April 2016. Concern Universal was represented by Miss Olivia Sawyer its Project Coordinator and MBOSCUDA was represented by its Project Coordinator Mr Sali Django.

MBOSCUDA aims to empower Mbororo people in Cameroon to achieve sustainable development and has a project funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Concern Universal helps bring opportunity to places where there are none. Working with families in poverty around the world, they help them overcome challenges presented by climate, tradition, resources, education or society. Their visit to the project was to be acquainted with what is being done by the project and to identify areas where collaboration is possible.

The visit

They were welcomed to the project training site by the Reignite and NGONG staff and the guests visited our classrooms: one self-subsistent farmer classroom and the Food Processors.

After that, they were given a tour of our project plots where the training methods were explained to them and their questions on our methods answered. The visit to the project plots was followed by a visit to the livestock section where they saw our pig and her piglets, our local chickens and our sheep in their various paddocks.

These visits were followed by a presentation of REIGNITE’S overall goals and objectives. The overall aims and goals of Reignite and the simple fact that we seek to work with the local resources and partners available stroke a cord of interest for Concern Universal. They were generally pleased with our multi-developmental approach and we believe that a future collaboration is very much a possibility for both organizations.

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