Ngong Project [field report]

We’re delighted to share with all of you, the latest field visits report to the NGONG Bambui Farmers of Tomorrow by Sidney Che [Training Officer] and Theresa Ache [Bambui Representative]:

  • 10 days of field visits
  • 161 Farms visited
  • 114 Farmers met and received 1-2-1 training
  • 87 Female (76%)
  • 27 Male (24%)
  • 200 Youths with large plots of land following NGONG practices
  • 600 Non-Ngong farmers also following NGONG practices

It was a wonderful experience for those of us who took part in this exercise. What we saw on the field marvelled us. We cannot overlook the fact that most of our farmers and beneficiaries have practised what we took out time at the Training Center to teach them. The entire team felt they had accomplished a mission.

Our team saw more than 200 youths who had large plots of land following our modern systems both of land preparation and crop association. The team also estimates that about 600 Non-NGONG farmers are following NGONG Improved Systems of Farming. This is laudable!

The fact that schools have been closed for the year due to social instability worked well for NGONG project as parents took the children to the farms and taught them NGONG best practices.

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