Hands Up for World NGO Day

It’s World NGO Day, let’s put our hands up and thank everyone that dedicates their life to improve that of another. Let’s take action and support a cause close to our heart. Let’s plant a seed on our collective being and envision a future while considering ways in which we too, can help in any way, a little every day, to bring forward peaceful social change.

On World NGO Day, we celebrate the outstanding role civil society plays in ensuring that fundamental human rights are respected, that no one is left behind.

Marking this day is more important than ever as we are living in difficult times for NGOs and for civil society around the world, and the space for the defenders of human rights is shrinking.

Civil society organisations are a voice for those who are too often not heard. They have the courage to stand up against injustices, even if sometimes with risks for themselves.

– Federica Mogherini, EEAS High Representative/ Vice-President


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