A Short History & Traditions of Bambui

The book “A Short History & Traditions of Bambui – 1700-2012” was written by Mr. Barnabas Chungong Bonu, a retired Head Master from St.Peter’s Catholic School, once a University of Reading student in 1965.
Founder of the Bambui Giant Water Project in 1976, and the Northwest Province Bee Farmers Association (NOWEBA) in 1992.

This publication is a vital piece of knowledge for the Bambui Community, the Northwest Region and for Cameroon. It derived from the bright idea, wisdom and personal experience of Mr. Bonu. His work gathers all the basic information on the history and traditions of Bambui village amply illustrated with maps, pictures, and diagrams.

This is the result of 20 years of investigation and it’s an authentic piece of literature penciled by someone himself a homegrown product of the village, well educated, with a wealth of experience derived from having been part of history himself.

If you do not know something about the history of your village or town, you are not fit to claim ownership of it.


Without history, you live in a vacuum with nothing to hand over to future generations.


A society that is ignorant of its past is like a person without a memory

Pa Bonu, Commager, 1967


Mr. Bonu hopes that future researchers will use it as a base to uncover what he left out. This writing will also give primary school teachers and students a great source of their cultural knowledge.

The book has been edited by Fernando Vidal and beautifully designed by Peter Palasthy.
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Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Fernando Vidal
Graphic Design: Peter Palasthy
Typist: Cornellius T. Tawong
Sector Coordinator: John Nchami
Applicant: Barnabas Chungong Bonu
Others partners: Reignite
Estimated Cost: £4,723
Private Funds: £ 4,000
Other Funds: Reignite
Progress: Completed
Funding: Received
Timeline: 6 months

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