Bambui Photography Books

A collection of Photographic Books about Bambui, Tubah Sub Division, Northwest Region of Cameroon.

Following the publication of the book “A Short History & Traditions of Bambui 1700-2012” by Barnabas Chungong Bonu, covering 312 years of history in the village, Fernando Matoso, our project coordinator and photographer was inspired to publish a collection of Photography Books containing the work from his stay in Bambui, which will preserve in the memory of present and future generations how was Bambui like in the period from 2012 to 2016.

This collection reveals the social life, natural resources and traditions of Bambui in the recent years after the construction of the University of Bamenda in Bambui land. The University of Bamenda is the main economic motor for the region and its impact will remain to be studied for many years to come. Is the photographer’s intention that these images will help to compile facts and figures for future local history.

All books are available for preview and sale, follow this link and you’ll be taken to Fernando Matoso Blurb Shop.

The collection of books includes:
“Angafor Mombo-oh III the Fon of Bambui”, 2013
A Tour for the Development volume 1”, 2013
“A Tour for the Development volume 2”, 2013
“Sharing Ideas Promoting Farmers”, 2013
“On the Road to Education”, 2013
“Topographies of Bambui”, 2013
“Women day”, 2013
“Youth Day”, 2013
“Bambui Fondom”, 2013
“Death Celebration”, 2013
“Bambui Recipes”, 2013
“My Life Story – An autobiography by Tamakum Peter”, 2014
“Bambui Traditional Doctors, Volume 1”, 2014
“Bambui Traditional Doctors, Volume 2”, 2014
“Finge Annual Dance”, 2014
“Working Together for Tubah Development”, 2014
“The Fulanis and Alegafor Up Lands”, 2014
“Lobti Nchi Eric, The Chief of Finge”, 2015
“Alim Garga, Subdivisional Officer for Tubah Sub Division”, 2016
“Ache Andrew, Chairman of the Bambui Village Council”, 2016


Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Fernando Vidal
Photographer: Fernando Matoso
Designer: Fernando Matoso
Sector Coordinator: John Nchami
Applicant: Reignite Action for Development
Local Partners: Bambui Village Council
Others partners: Reignite Action for Development
Estimated Cost: £ 1,400
Private Funds: £ 1,400
Progress: Completed
Funding: Received
Timeline: 6 months

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