Bee Farmers Group

BAMBEEG is a Common Initiative Group part of BASSUG. This group works with the very active and well recognized Bee Farming sector, which products are much appreciated as honey is a healthy sweetener.

In 2001 the group was formed by 30 men and 15 women but by 2012 it had been reduced to less than its initial members with only 19 men and 3 women taking part in it.
Nonetheless, some of its current members are extremely committed and highly skilled.

Whilst consulting with the group, it was also suggested that bee farming could be promoted as a tool for water catchment management. With nearly 6 hectares of agricultural land along the streams and springs, the beekeepers could monitor the water catchments, involve other people/farmers and motivate them to start with bee farming as an alternative to farming too close to water sources.



The project aims at reawakening the bee sector in general, improving the production of honey, start with the production of wax and expand more hives.



Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Sector Coordinator: Niveh Tamukum Jeremiah
Applicant: BAMBEEG
Local Partners: BASSUG
Others partners: Bees for Development UK (with training material)
Estimated Cost: £ 9,241
Community Funds: £100
Other Funds: Reignite Action for Development
Progress: Waiting for funds
Timeline: 3 years

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