Ecotourism & Crafts Center

The aims of this project:

  • Involve the Youth in order to create viable economic opportunities for the community;
  • Promote cultural heritage & the work of local artisans;
  • Promote the surrounding environment;
  • Tackle poverty and unemployment.


What does the Center offer:
Guided Eco Treks
Bambui is a land of beautiful natural resources. The Northern highlands are beautified by interlocking spurs and waterfalls. The highlands are spotted with indigenous forests, interspersed with savanna vegetation. For more information on the treks available, click here.
Art & Crafts
Bambui hosts a very creative and diverse community with many craftsmen, craftswomen and artists. With the Center, they have now been identified and have been encouraged to pursuit crafting as a way to promote their culture and traditions, and as a new source income. The center exhibits the best of Bambui’s crafts and arts; with a very good diversity of products always with the best quality and design.


Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Assistant: Tom Hopkinson
Sector Coordinator:John Nchami
Applicant: Bambui Village Council (BVC)
Local Partners: Bambui Youths organisation (BAYO)
Others partners: Reignite Action for Development
Total Cost: £5,000
Community Funds: No
Other Funds: Revolving funds
Funding: Reignite Action for Development
Progress: Completed

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