Farm to Market

The purpose of the Farm to Market project is based on the international recognition that “over the coming 35 years, agriculture will face an unprecedented confluence of pressures, including a 30 percent increase in global population, intensifying competition for increasingly scarce land, water and energy resources, and the threat of climate change”[1].

To produce the extra 60% of food required to sustain the growing population a change from subsistence to business farming is required.

This project has ensured that the relevant United Nations Millennium Development Goals [2] have been considered, with the outcomes of the report not only working toward the goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, but also ensuring environmental sustainability, promoting gender equality and encouraging global partnership for development.



The aim of this report is to characterize the situation for agriculture in Bambui, and suggest recommendations for future opportunities that could enhance the farming industry and the associated value chain.

The objectives of the project were to understand the challenges Bambui is facing by focusing research in these areas, such as:

  • Scarcity of land;
  • Transportation of crops to home and market;
  • The storing and preservation of crops;
  • Farming operations, including land management;
  • New markets and business opportunities;
  • Farmers management skills;
  • The working of unions;
  • A decline in young farmers.

The research was conducted through questionnaires and workshops with Bambui farmers, Bambui youth, the student population, government delegates and educational institutes.

This project gathered comprehensive, analytical and statistical information about the Bambui farming sector and potential markets.


[1] Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (2014), Building a common vision for sustainable food and agriculture.
[2] United Nations, Millennium Development Goals and Beyond (2015),


Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Coordinator: Fernando Vidal
Project Assistants: Emma Fromant & George Jones
Volunteers: Romanus Bicheh & Akaba Paul
Applicant: Reignite Action for Development
Local Partners: COBEX, SEEDS, University of Bamenda, Bambui Youths Organization, BASSUG, NOWEFOR
Others partners: Engineers Without Borders UK
Estimated Cost: £ 6,000
Community Funds: Not applicable
Other Funds: Reignite Action for Development, Private donations & EWB UK

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