Finge: Community Cassava Mill

One of the main products of Bambui’s diet is Cassava and in order to eat it, people need to grind it.

At the moment, there is only one electric Corn Mill grinder at the center of the Village which is located around 10kms away from Fingie. This quarter is residence to 1,000 inhabitants and it’s the furthest quarter away from the Village. This means that families have to send a family member, usually children, to the center of the village to where they have to walk for quite a long distance, wait for the grinding and then come back.

With the constant cuts of electricity in the village, many times they get there and the grinding mill is not functioning, but there is no way of them knowing this in advance.

Also, the family member can’t physically and financially afford to grind a big quantity of corn at the same time because it becomes a too greater risk. They do this trip every day and sometimes twice a day through the very hilly terrain.

Since women are the main actors in the agricultural sector whilst managing house chores and cooking, they have faced tremendous problems with the fact that the only mill available is so unreliable and far away.



The project aims at installing a new mobile cassava mill in Finge that will potentially be used by 4,000 people (including Fingie’s inhabitants alongside 3,000 other residents from neighboring quarters).


Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Sector Coordinator: Romanus Bicheh
Photographer: Fernando Matoso
Applicant: Finge Chief & Executive Committee
Local Partners: COBEX
Others partners: Reignite Action for Development
Total Cost: £354
Community Funds: No
Other Funds: Revolving funds
Funding: Reignite Action for Development
Progress: Completed

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