Forum for Development

The Forum for Development workshops with Indigenous Peoples is a biennial event that covers multiple years of activity. Is a place for sharing research, calling for cross-sectoral collaboration, identifying local resources [Human, Environmental & Financial], identifying challenges and opportunities to strategic planning, project proposal, and project implementation.

The workshops gather indigenous peoples, academics, and other development actors, to discuss the lessons that we have learned, and opportunities for moving forward in a changing global and national environment.

In this new climate of shifting funding and political priorities, and the development of new international legislation around environmental and social issues, what is the role of research? What new models for cooperation can we envision? How can informed perspectives about critical issues on the ground reach the decision makers? In particular – what is the role of business?

What is the role of Reignite Action for Development and international partners? Promoting dialogue, peace and collaboration through sharing knowledge and generating debate about the present and future opportunities.


Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Assistant: Ache Theresia
Sector Coordinator: John Nchami (2013) and Ache Andrew (2015)
Applicant: Bambui Village Council (BVC)
Local Partners: Bambui Youths organization (BAYO), Bambui Cultural and Development Association (BACUDA), Bambui Women Cultural and Development Association (BAWOCUDA), University of Bamenda (UBa), National Polytechnic Bamenda (NPB), Community Based Extension Group (COBEX), Bambui Integrated Agro – Forestry Propagation Group (SEEDS), Mendel Foundation, Bambui Self Sustainable Union Group, BASSUG, North West Farmers Organisation (NOWEFOR), North West Farmers Organization Credit Houses (NOWEFOCH), Institut de Recherche Agricole pour le Dévelopment (IRAD), Bambui Credit Union, Bambui Water Authority (BAWA)
Others partners: Engineers Without Borders UK
Total Cost: £5,000
Community Funds: No
Other Funds: Not applicable
Funding: Reignite Action for Development
Progress: Completed

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