Heart of Cultural Identity

HRH the King of Bambui Angafor Mombo-oh III is an institution recognized by the national government.  However, as a kingdom, Bambui has been targeted by many land disputes, invasions by neighboring villages and intra-tribal wars (which in 2011 led to the assassination of one of the princes).

The Palace of the Kingdom is at the very heart of the community and this is where people gather, deliberate, debate and decide policies and issues that affect the life of the village in general. At the moment, it’s a dilapidated infrastructure and in need of logistical accommodation to host all its services.

The residents also feel that a culture storehouse is needed so that all the aspects of the community’s cultural heritage can be preserved as a legacy for future generations.

The project has been initiated and the community has taken its ownership. The residents have not only managed to raise 15 million Cameroonian francs but are also helping with labor on the building site and building bricks that are being used as part of the construction.

However, the current funding is still insufficient. They feel that building a new modern space where a Museum and the Community’s main Cultural space can be integrated, alongside the renovation of the old Palace will contribute to the stability of the Kingdom and ensure that their right to land is preserved.



Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Fernando Vidal
Sector Coordinator: John Nchami
Applicant: Bambui Village Council (BVC)
Local Partners: Bambui Cultural and Development Organization (BACUDA), Bambui UK Development Association (BUKDA)
Estimated Cost: £ 75,000
Community Funds: 90%
Other Funds: Reignite Action for Development
Progress: Ongoing
Timeline: 36 Months

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