Pigs for Pikin (PiFoPi)

Underdevelopment of rural areas is a well-known and crucial problem in developing countries like Cameroon. Lack of economic means impedes that rural population invests in their productivity and overall quality of life. This, in its turn, fosters the abandonment of rural areas by younger generations who crowd in bigger cities.

One key problem that follows from this situation is that local communities are unable to sustain good education for their children. Failure to do so determines that rural communities will remain, now and in the foreseeable future, unable to ameliorate their living conditions.

For this reason, the Pigs for Pikin [PiFoPi] project is focused on providing local communities with skills and assets that can easily be used to generate income sufficient to guarantee that good education is given to local children.



  1. Capacity building: livestock and piggery management, including financial aspects of the work of livestock managers;
  2. Generation of income through pig farming;
  3. Improve schools and pay regular salaries to PTA teachers working in Lower Fungom.


Project Details

Head of Programme: Jeff Good
Project Manager: Pierpaolo Di Carlo
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Coordinator: Fernando Vidal
Local Partners: National Polytechnic Bamenda
Country Partner: Reignite Action for Development
Funded: KPAAM-CAM (Key Pluridisciplinary Advances on African Multilingualism–Cameroon)
Progress: Completed
Timeline: 2 years

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