Sabga Daily Cooperative

The Sabga women dairy cooperative was identified by Ardo Hamidou Adamu of Alegefor Bambui during the period from July when Reignite was carrying out planning for the Ngong Project for the Bambui farmers.
It was pointed out that the Fulani women of Alegefor in Bambui had problems of selling their milk, causing it to go off to waste. Reignite did an assessment visit to the cooperative and proposed possible solutions for improvement.


The women complained that they had been for a week without opening the place due to no customers and most of the women who were trained had left their responsibilities as only two of them were struggling to handle the cooperative just to ensure that it does not collapse.

Their greatest weakness was lack of customers as most of the cheese which they make always go to waste and we equally saw some two leftovers that were already looking dark.

Seeing the difficulties the cooperative was facing, Reignite resolved to integrate them in the Ngong Project and started proposing solutions towards marketing strategies.



Some of the proposals were that they should look for two active youths (a boy and a girl) to take advantage of the student population around the University of Bamenda in Bambili and Bambui four corners. Reignite Action for Development decided to further support the women with some marketing tools like table flyers, printed T-Shirts, liters and a banner.

The present youths identified by the women have equally identified other potential market areas like checkpoint where vehicles stop regularly, the small Babanki market and the market at Chuku where you have the mosque.



Since the sales agents and the women started moving around doing the sales for the cooperative, the Coordinator of Reignite had the opportunity to meet them in Babanki.

As of Tuesday 16th December 2014, as we visited the cooperative, they told us they had been at Bambili corners and AYABA Hotel in Bamenda.

  • They were also busy preparing more yogurt to take to Bambili and other places.
  • They told us somebody contacted them to be producing and supplying in his store as he has a refrigerator.
  • People equally now call them and come to buy at the cooperative directly.
  • They remarked that presently, they cannot stay for two days without processing.
  • Madam Adama presented to us seventeen women who are now undergoing training in the cooperative with two coming from Bamessing.
  • They said that all the flyers which Reignite gave them were all finished and they are also getting the response as people come to the cooperative on their own or through phone calls.
  • They told us that the Divisional and Regional Delegate had visited them and encouraged them to strengthen their link with Reignite Action for Development.

Finally, they confirmed that they are now experiencing an increase in their daily sales.


Further Improvement Proposals

  • Training on simple bookkeeping to improve their records
  • Monitoring the marketing agents and update strategies


Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Assistant: Bicheh Romanus
Photographer: Fernando Matoso
Volunteers: Kaigama Amadou, Hamidou Ardo, Zenabu Yerima, Adama Maliki, Hamina Yusufu, Fadimatu Yerima, Adamu Hamidou, Zenabu Hamidou, Ramatu, Fatu Ousmanu, Juliatu Adamou, Rashidotu Ramon, Abdu Adamu
Applicant: Sabga Daily Cooperative, Small Babanki
Local Partners: COBEX
Others partners: Ardo, The Fulanis
Total Cost: £5,000
Community Funds: No
Other Funds: Revolving funds
Funding: Reignite Action for Development
Progress: Completed

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