Tubah Waste Management

Reignite Action for Development has worked in partnership with Tubah Council and Engineers Without Borders to develop a sustainable solid waste management strategy. Currently, waste management in Tubah, as well as the rest of Cameroon, is characterised by collect and dump with few initiatives related to waste prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery. This is causing a number of health and environmental problems.

The Tubah Council Development Plan [Phase 1] has identified solid waste management as a major issue in the area. With a rapidly growing population and the economy as a result of urbanisation, the problems experienced in Tubah will only be exacerbated by the increase in waste generation and the complexity of the waste materials being generated. There is a need for waste to be managed in a more sustainable way to provide environmental, social and economic benefits as well as to ensure a resilient community.



This report details the work that has been carried out to inform the development of the proposed strategy including a baseline conditions review and waste forecast, the proposed strategy itself and its implementation plan.

Solid waste management strategy – Tubah subdivision – Final 1.12.15


The initial scope of works included:
• Assessing household and commercial waste generation;
• Assessing existing waste management practices;
• Producing a waste forecast that projects waste generation up to 2035;
• Developing a sustainable solid waste management strategy; and
• Identifying potential business opportunities related to waste management in conjunction with partner organisations and other local stakeholders.

Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Assistant: Devni Acharya
Sector Coordinator: Lord Mayor Tanjong Martin
Applicant: Reignite Action for Development – Tubah Council
Local Partners: Tubah Council
Other Partners: Engineers Without Borders (EWB), UK
Estimated Cost: £ 3,000
Community Funds: Transportation to sites
Other Funds: Private funding and EWB UK
Progress: Completed
Timeline: 3 Months

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