Tubah Urban Planning

Tubah is a rapidly developing rural province, or sub-division, of North-West Cameroon.

This development is most evident in the adjacent ‘villages’ of Bambui, which has grown around a strategically important junction on the national road network and Bambili, where a large state University has been recently constructed.

As the nearby regional capital of Bamenda continues to expand along its radial road networks, these formerly rural villages are quickly transforming into peri-urban towns.

The absence of a planning framework/growth strategy has led to an unstructured development, which, if it continues unchecked, will result in significant issues for these communities in the long term.

To identify the main challenges and propose a plan for the municipality, we invited Ben Hall, a planning engineer from Buro Happold (UK), to work with us, in a new partnership collaboration with Reignite & the Tubah Council.
The project included a review of existing conditions and subsequently identify common development issues, needs and opportunities across the Sub-Division (2015/2016).



The towns have densified and expanded along the strategic road network, serving the communities.

The increase in car ownership rates and traffic volumes on these roads will exacerbate this issue. As these roads are state-owned, it is likely that they will be expanded in the long-term, impacting on the properties either side.



As a result of this development pattern, pedestrian activity is concentrated on the strategic roads, which receive the vast majority of vehicular traffic.



As land is transformed from rural to urban, a significant increase in impervious land area will lead to greater surface water flow and an increased risk of pluvial flooding.



Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Assistant: Ben Hall
Sector Coordinator: Lord Mayor Tanjong Martin
Applicant: Reignite Action for Development & Tubah Council
Local Partners: Tubah Council
Other Partners: Buro Happold, UK
Estimated Cost: £ 3,000
Community Funds: Not applicable
Other Funds: Buro Happold
Progress: Final presentations are done and waiting for final project
Timeline: 3 Months

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