Water for Finge

Finge is located in Bambui land about 2kms from the Bambui Fon’s actual Palace.
The geographic position of Bambui makes it a haven for many ethnic groups. In fact, one may term it a melting pot for exiled princes with chieftaincy problems. Examples are the Baforkums, the Finges and the Bamouns.

The Finge people initially lived in a place called Finghie in Baingo, Kom. They were forced to depart because of insubordination in connection with banning of their Kwifor (considered as a symbol of autonomy) from appearing in cultural manifestations.

They migrated to Bambui around 1920s at the beginning of the British administration, being the third ethnic group to settle in Bambui.



As they wandered into Bambui, they were granted refuge on condition that they remained loyal, respectful and united with the Bambui Fondom and respecting Bambui Kwifor. After a few years, the Finge ignored the terms of settlement and created another Kwifor to rival that of Bambui and began claiming ownership of land, raffia bushes and kolanut trees (main resources in the area).

The Bambui people and the Fon did not accept the Finge provocative change and this started a long conflict and the opening the chapter on court cases, which are still ongoing. This has been a major obstacle for development and when Reignite Action for Development arrived in Bambui, our Fon invited us to Finge to start a new era of dialogue and peaceful coexistence.


The Issue

The Finge represent a population of about 2.000 people. It is situated close to mountains and the terrain is very hilly. The water is abundant and it appears everywhere as waterfalls, streams and springs. The people have access to Potable Drinking Water just from one standpipe in the centre of the Village as they get their drinking water directly from running streams.

The Finge have an estimative number of 150 compounds, spread by an area of 10km square meters, a Health centre, one market with a small number of shops and two schools. All without a water supply.

The Bambui Water Authority never thought of supplying water to this part of the village and the first time they assessed the situation was this year on the occasion of the planning of campaign Hand Wash with Soap Saves Lives. Reignite invited BAWA and together we visited the Finge village, the water catchment, the only standpipe that supplies water to the community the health centre and the two schools.


The solution

Installation of a water tank which allows water supply to the village and to the Finge Primary Schools.


The donor

Mr Fakhur-u-Din memorial Fund was a man who always helped other people and this water distribution system will act as a mark of him continuing to help others, through his family.
It is the Islamic tradition to help others in need and the provision of this well is a small gesture of this.

We made from water every living thing.

– Chapter (21) sūrat l-anbiyāa (The Prophets) verse 30.



Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Coordinator: Fernando Vidal
Project Assistant: Afunwi DenisPhotographer: Fernando Matoso
Volunteers: Chief Lobti Eric, Anthony, Amungwafor Atibatim Aloysius, Valentine Angafor, Romanus Bicheh, Faisal Ikram Rashid
Applicant: Reignite Action for Development – Finge
Local Partners: Bambui Water Authority
Other Partners: COBEX
Estimated Cost: £1,850
Community Funds: Transportation to sites and capacity building to two technicians
Other Funds: Mr Fakhur-u-Din memorial Fund
Progress: Completed
Timeline: 4 weeks


Final Report

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