Water Treatment Station

The current chemical treatment procedures for the Bambui community are limited to the materials, equipment and knowledge available to BAWA’s staff.
Financial constraints have largely inhibited the implementation or development of a more comprehensive chemical treatment system, however, this program has been identified as essential for the community and for maintaining a healthy standard of water for consumption.

Designing a water treatment system that is economically feasible and relatively simplistic and understandable for BAWA’s technicians to implement is an important project for Bambui’s water supply.

The population that will benefit from this project is of around 30,000 people (permanent residents: 20,000 and 10,000 seasonal residents). BAWA also expects to receive some training and better information on the continuous improvement and maintenance of the water treatment station.



The project aims to build a new water treatment station of the stream source and rehabilitate the existing one which was built 34 years ago but has been causing continuous disruptions in the water supply. The improvement of the system will increase the flow and quality of water in Bambui.


Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Teresa de Sousa
Project Assistant: Christopher Maughan
Sector Coordinator: Fornimoh Chrysanthus
Photographer: Fernando Matoso
Volunteers: Anthony, Amungwafor Atibatim Aloysius, Valentine Angafor
Applicant: Bambui Water Authority
Local Partners: Bambui Village Council
Other partners: Engineers Without Borders UK
Estimated Cost: £ 44,824
Community Funds: £ 6,008
Other Funds: Reignite Action for Development
Progress: Looking for funding
Timeline: 6 Months

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