Yemgeh Photography Books

A collection of Photographic Books about Yemgeh, Manchum Division, Northwest Region of Cameroon.

Yemgeh Valley is about seventy (70) kilometers from Wum, which is the Divisional headquarter of Menchum Division. It has a population of about ten (10) thousand and only 1% of its population are Christians while 99% adhere to traditional religion.

It’s part of the Menchum Division and under the civil administration of Fungom Sub Division, and it’s made up of fourteen villages each with its peculiar cultural identity. These villages are Yemge, the seat of the Quasi Parish, Fungom, Batie, Kung, Abar, Ajumbu, Bnuh, Fang, Koshin, Mudabile, Missong, Mukein, Zaah, and Ngun.

Most of these villages are covered on foot only and distances between them in some cases are enormous. The means of modern technology like mobile phones, electricity, internet facilities, etc are far-fetched dreams. Our photographer, Fernando captured great images from the parish and its people, landscape, and mammoth challenges.


Yemgeh Resettlement Camps from Lake Nyos Disaster

Most victims of the Lake Nyos gas disaster that occurred more than twenty years ago were resettled here. The roads are impassible for the greater part of the year. Traveling is barely possible in the dry season that lasts only for four months.


St. Clementine Anwarite, Yemgeh Quasi Parish

Where people live isolated and abandoned, the role of the church, missionaries, and agents for development work in close collaboration for the benefit of the communities.

The social context and conditions of people living in St. Clementine Anwarite, Yemge Quasi Parish are full of challenges. Yemgeh Quasi Parish was created (2013). It was formerly under the spiritual and pastoral care of St. Martin de Porres Parish, Wum. It is purely an area of Primary evangelization. Priests of Wum Parish used to visit the Christians of Yemge Valley twice a year and mostly in the dry season due to the bad roads.

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Yemngeh Resettlement Camps From Lake Nyos Disaster

Yemgeh Resettlement Camps


St. Clementine Anwarite Yemngeh Quasi Parish

St. Clementine Anwarite Yemgeh Quasi Parish


Damian Nyah Chuya The King of Fungom Fondom

Damian Nyah Chuya


Project Details

Head of Programme: Mariana Matoso
Project Team Leader: Fernando Vidal
Photographer: Fernando Vidal
Designer: Fernando Vidal
Sector Coordinator: Fr Victor Ayakwe Forgho
Applicant: Reignite Action for Development
Local Partners: Yemge Quasi Parish
Others partners: Reignite Action for Development
Estimated Cost: £ 100
Funds: Transport, accommodation, and meals provided by Fr Victor Ayakwe Forgho
Progress: Completed
Funding: Received
Timeline: 1 month

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